Want To Build Your Own Custom Course?

Clients love our unique "build your own" course program. We let you create the course agenda that delivers precisely what your team needs the most. Over half the courses we teach are fully customized!

Master Topic Lists

If you already have a topic list, we will create a course from it. If you want to see what topics are available, use our Master Topic Lists to build your course. We have master topic lists for each of our most requested programs. 

Simply choose the topics you want included in your course. Each topic shows the time required so you can build a course that fits into your desired course duration.  Topics are selected by indicating their importance to you because it’s easy to select too many topics.   Upon  review you can ensure your higher priority topics are included in the course duration you want.

We suggest you circulate the master topic list to your team members so that each person can prioritize the topics they want. We’re happy to review their selections and build a course that factors in the priority and frequency of topics selected by your team.

There are many topics that take an hour or more to teach, so we recommend that each person be given at least 7 hours of training to ensure they learn enough to impact their productivity.   For online courses, we suggest sessions of no more than 3 ½  hours at one time.

What's Included?

Build-your-own courses include a customized reference manual for each person featuring your selected topics, and the same 30 days of technical support as our standard offerings. Get in touch if you have any questions!

Our Clients Love Us

I'm so glad we hired the Gump team for our training needs... they've saved us from countless hours of tedious and unnecessary work by optimizing our efficiency in every aspect of Excel. We have taken 7 private in-person Excel courses with Gump, and our team is now far more confident using Excel ... thank you so much.
Jill Spriet
Fernlea Flowers
All our employees were always very happy with the training we received from Gump. Excel can be a dry topic, but they made it fun and easy to follow and were very accommodating in allowing us to choose topics for many custom courses this past year. They also provide very professional textbooks for all of their courses.
Lena Sun
Lafarge Canada Inc.
Gump provided excellent training for a variety of skill levels. Michele was willing to travel to our Mississauga and Sudbury facilities and everyone enjoyed her thoroughness and flexibility with learning styles. I'm often asked when the next session will be and I was quickly able to see people apply their knowledge.
Eamonn Doorly
Michele is an excellent instructor and pleasant to deal with. She's very well spoken and explained the steps in a way we were all able to understand and took the extra time if someone needed more help. She also kept it light, entertaining and funny. I highly recommend GUMP for any Microsoft Office training!
Ian Stewart
Detour Gold