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Excel Course 5: PivotTables Part 1

Thu Aug 20 – 9am to 12pm (EST)

Learn how to produce meaningful reports quickly and easily by leveraging PivotTables.  Topics Include:

Create and Format a Table
– Valid Database Setup / Create a Table
– Dynamic vs Static Ranges
– Tables with VLOOKUP,  Data Validation & Charts

Get Started with a PivotTable
– What is a PivotTable? / Creating a PivotTable
– Inside/Outside a PivotTable
– Adding Columns, Rows, Values and Filters Fields
– Moving & Removing Fields / Applying Formatting

Working with a PivotTable
– Edit PivotTable Data / Expand & Collapse
– Sorting and Filtering / Change Report Layout
– Hide/Show/Modify Subtotals & Grand Totals
– Field Settings / PivotTable Options
– Refresh Data


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