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Courses are live and fully interactive.  Speak with the Instructor at any time during the course or use the Chat and Q&A features.  Each course is 3 ½ hours in length and includes a PDF reference manual and 30 days of technical support. 

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Current Course Offers

All courses are live and fully interactive.  Speak with the Instructor at any time during the course or use the Chat and Q&A features.  Each course is 3.5 hours in length and includes a PDF reference manual and 30 days of technical support.

Excel Course 4
More Useful Formulas

*** Now $ 65.40 ***

Mon Apr 19 (9am to 12:30pm)

Learn how to quickly produce results that are difficult or time‑consuming using other methods. We look at conditional functions, index match, xlookup and linking formulas.

Conditional Functions
– The Subtotal Function
– SumIf / Sumifs
– CountIf / CountIfs
– AverageIf / AverageIfs
– MinIf / Maxif (Excel 365/2019)

Linking Formulas to Other Sheets
– Link Cell/Formulas/3D Formulas

Linking Formulas to Other Files
– Create Linking Formulas
– Edit Links Dialog Box
– Finding Links in a File

-Using XLOOKUP (365)
-Using XMATCH (365)
(Knowledge of VLOOKUP required)

Excel Course 5
PivotTables Part 1

*** Now $ 65.40 ***

Thu Apr 22 (9am to 12:30pm)

Learn how to produce meaningful reports quickly and easily by leveraging PivotTables. By the end of this session you will feel confident building PivotTables in Excel.

Create and Format a Table
– Valid Database Setup
– Create a Table
– Dynamic vs Static Ranges
– Tables with VLOOKUP, Data Validation & Charts

Get Started with a PivotTable
– What is a PivotTable?
– Creating a PivotTable
– Inside/Outside a PivotTable
– Adding Columns, Rows, Values and Filters Fields
– Moving & Removing Fields
– Applying Formatting

Working with a PivotTable
– Edit PivotTable Data
– Expand / Collapse
– Changing Report Layout
– Hide/Show/Modify Subtotals
– Hide/Show Grand Totals
– Sorting and Manual Sort
– Filtering Labels & Values
– Field Settings
– PivotTable Options
– Refresh Data
– Changing the Summary Function
– Percent, Running Totals, Ranking, etc.

Excel Course 7
Introduction to Macros

*** Now $ 65.40 ***

Mon Apr 19 (1:30pm to 5pm)

Understanding macros will make you far more efficient. We start with the basics (recording, edit & saving) and then we’ll get you started in the visual basic programming language.

Recording Macros
– What is a Macro?
– Recording & Playing a macro
– Using Relative Referencing
– Workbook vs Personal Workbook
– Buttons & Illustrations to Run Macros
– Adding Macros to the QAT or Ribbon
– Saving and Opening Files with Macros
– Understanding the Personal Macro Workbook File

Introduction to VBA
– What is Visual Basic?
– Working in the VBA Editor
– Editing Recorded Macros
– Creating Macros that Cannot be Recorded
– Creating Macros that are Triggered by Events

Using the Following in VBA:
– With & End With
– Show Message Boxes
– Add Comments
– The IF Statement
– The Range Object
– Intersect
– Exit a Procedure


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