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Courses are live and fully interactive.  Speak with the Instructor at any time during the course or use the Chat and Q&A features.  Each course is 3 ½ hours in length and includes a PDF reference manual and 30 days of technical support. 

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Below are the public courses currently available.

Additional Public courses are setup upon request only (min. of 3 people required to setup a public class).   
Private group training is available as well (online and in-person).  Please contact us  for details.

All public courses are delivered online (live and fully interactive).  Speak with the Instructor at any time during the course or use the Chat and Q&A features.  Each course is 3.5 hours in length and includes a PDF reference manual and 30 days of technical support.

Excel Course 1A
Getting Started

$ 125 per person / 3 ½ hours

Wed Jan 19 (9am to 12:30pm)

If you’re new to Excel or have never created your own Excel file, this course is for you.  We look at entering data, formatting cells and sheets, saving and printing your work. Topics include:

Entering Data
– Entering Text and Numbers
– Entering & Working with Dates
– Selecting Cells
– Understanding Cell Pointer Icons
– Cut, Copy, Paste and Fill Basics

Formatting Cells
– Horizontal Cell Alignment
– Formatting Numbers
– Using Format Cells
– The Format Painter
– Cancel vs Undo
– Delete and Clear Options

Sheet Tasks
– Column Widths / Row Heights
– Insert / Delete Columns and Rows
– Add, Rename, Delete, Move Sheets
– Zooming In and Out
– Printing and Preview
– Saving, Open, New, Close

After taking this course, the next step is Course 1B: Basic Formulas.

Excel Course 1B
Basic Formulas

$ 125 per person / 3 ½ hours

Fri Jan 21 (9am to 12:30pm)

All the formula essentials are covered in this course: operators, the order of operations, using built-in functions, and understanding relative vs. absolute cell referencing. Topics include:

Formulas / Functions
– Entering a basic formula
– Operators & order of operations
– General Use of Excel Functions
– Using these Functions:
     – Sum, Average, Max, Min
     – Count, CountA, CountBlank
     – Round, Today, Now

Absolutes ‐ $
– What is a Relative Reference?
– What is an Absolute Reference?
– Using Full Absolutes
– Using Partial Absolutes

Trouble Shooting / Tips
– Display Formulas
– Editing and Finding Formulas
– Errors & Error Checking

Excel Course 12A
Advanced Formulas

$ 125 per person / 3 ½ hours

Thu Feb 10 (9am to 12:30pm)

In this Excel 365 course, we show you how to use some advanced functions and understand more about how certain formulas and range names effect your workbooks. 

This course is for Excel 365 users who are already familiar with basic and intermediate formulas and functions that we cover in Excel courses 1B, 3, and 4, as well as the concept of Dynamic Arrays covered in course 11. 

Topics include:

Functions Covered
-What is LAMBDA ?
About Formulas
-Find & Select Formulas
-Evaluate Formulas
-Manual Recalculation
-What are Volatiles?
-Improving Performance
Advanced Range Names
-Implicit / Explicit Intersection
-Relative Range Names
-Dynamic Range Names


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To attend our live online courses you will need a computer (desktop or laptop), an internet connection and a web browser. 

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