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The Advantage of In-Person Microsoft Excel Training

In the technologically-driven world that we live in today, digital communication is taking the place of personal contact. While machines are becoming smarter and smarter, there’s still much to be said for the opportunity to have face-to-face communication with instructors and teachers in an engaging learning environment. When it comes to corporate group training for Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office courses, in person is always better; here’s why.

Ask Questions During Microsoft Excel Training

As opposed to downloadable files or online videos that explain the basics of Microsoft Excel courses, in-person training courses allow the opportunity for individuals to ask questions and receive customized advice and support based on their specific industry.

Learn Microsoft Excel in a Group Setting

You may want your entire team to learn the basics of Microsoft Excel, but it can be difficult to motivate your staff to watch a training video on their own time or fit it into their busy schedule. When you hire a professional do a group Microsoft Excel course, everyone can receive the training at the same time and learn from the comments and questions of their colleagues.

In-Person Microsoft Excel Training is More Personal

Most individuals learn better through engagement and interaction. If your team is learning how to use Microsoft Office or Excel from a brief training video, they may not be able to retain the information very well. On the other hand, in-person Microsoft Excel training is interactive. Team members have the opportunity to engage with the instructor, their peers and with the technology itself.

Microsoft Excel Training That’s Convenient

If you’re worried about the challenge of transporting your team to a remote location for their training, look for a company that offers on-site courses. You and your staff members can enjoy Microsoft Excel training in the comfort of your own office; it’s convenient and versatile.

As you decide how to proceed with your corporate group Microsoft Excel training courses in Toronto and the GTA, consider the advantages of doing the training in person with professionals from Gump Training.

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