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The Benefits Of In-House Microsoft Project Training In Toronto

When you were at school, what was more productive: watching a video about how to do something or having someone next to you showing you how to do it properly? If you think about it, the same thing applies to in-office training. And when it comes to Microsoft Project training in Toronto, having an in-house trainer makes a world of difference.  

Having a person next to your employees explaining and showing them the right way of doing things can make a massive impact on their skills and learning. Watching off a screen does not get the same message across. Think of all the wasted time your employees had to find information about Microsoft Project properly instead of just having someone teach them? 

Getting an in-house trainer can make a massive difference to the skills of your employees (even get them Microsoft certified) improve their careers and push your business to the next level.

4 Benefits Of An In-House Microsoft Project Training Course In Toronto

A More Personal Approach 

Firstly, most individuals learn better through engagement and interaction. It is how you improve in the workplace in general: you have engagement with fellow employees and management, and learn from them. If your employees are learning how to use Microsoft Office or Project from a brief training video, it is not going to help them in the long-run. They are not going to retain the information, and worse, act upon it. 

On the other hand, having a professional in-house trainer is interactive, and therefore, will make a massive difference to your workplace. Employees will have the opportunity to engage with the instructor, their peers and with the technology itself, learning the essential skills to take their careers, and your business’ efficiency, forward.

Ask Questions

Your employees can’t really ask a downloadable file or an online video a question if they have one. Sure, they can jump on a forum and ask the group, but who knows when they’ll get an answer. Or if it is the answer they need.

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Which is why having a person next to your employees ask any question (silly or not) to them. With an expert next to them explaining what needs to be done, your employees have the opportunity to ask questions and receive customized advice and support based on their specific industry. It’s a win-win for your team and your company.

Learning In A Group Setting 

How hard is it to make your whole team watch a video (and motivate them) about learning a course without the hands-on experience they need? It will kill the morale of the group, and not encourage them to learn in the slightest. But if you hire a professional to do a Microsoft Project training in your Toronto office, then everyone is hands-on. 

All your employees will receive training at the same time and learn from the comments and questions of their colleagues. More so, they will help each other out, further developing a strong team bond. Your group will learn together and respect each other collectively.

Convenience Around Your Schedule 

One of the hardest parts about getting trained done is that you have to find the time for it, especially if it out of office. So as a manager, if you’re worried about the challenge of transporting your team to another location for their Project training, look for a company that offers on-site Microsoft training courses in Toronto

These companies will be able to offer your team the convenience of building around your schedule. You will only have to set up a time during the week (in or out of office hours) or make a regular schedule that works for everyone. That way, your employees can learn the skills in the comfort of your own office, where it’s convenient and versatile.

Make The Choice & Hire A In-House Microsoft Project Training Course Today

If you decide to proceed with in-house Microsoft training courses in Toronto, make sure that you find the right business for your enterprise. They have to offer adaptable courses, flexible teams, have a reliable reputation, and of course, the ability to come to your office. Take your time to find the right company as it makes a difference for your employees’ skills and your company’s future.

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