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Boost Your Team's Performance
With Microsoft Excel Training In Toronto

At Gump, we bring the training to you with live, in-person courses led by our career professional instructors.  Build your own completely tailored Excel course (including customized course reference manuals), or choose from one of our four standard courses shown below.

Our Microsoft Excel Training in Toronto takes place in your company meeting room, on the dates that work best for your team.  Courses are hands-on, using your computers or our laptops.

1 day of training at your office, reference manuals and 30 days of technical support

Whether you’ve never touched Excel in your life, or you’ve been using it for years and are self-taught, this course starts from the beginning, filling in those self-taught gaps along the way.  By the end of the day, you will find you have learned many time-saving shortcuts that will make you far more efficient in Excel.

You will learn:

  • Getting Started With Excel
  • Entering Text, Numbers, Dates & Formulas
  • Entering Formulas & Using Functions
  • Using Number Formats
  • Cell Alignment Options
  • Columns & Rows
  • Cut, Copy, Paste and Paste Special
  • Using Fill
  • Formatting (fonts, colours, borders, etc.)
  • Zoom & Views
  • Freeze Headings on Screen
  • Files (Open, New, Save, Close)
  • Printing 

Full Course Outline

1 day of training at your office, reference manuals and 30 days of technical support

Build upon your basic Excel knowledge with the power to handle large datasets and display information graphically. By the end of the day you will know how to deal with multi-page spreadsheets, create automatic formatting based on changing data, and display information with beautiful charts and graphs.

What you will learn:

  • Setting Up a Database
  • Sorting
  • Filtering With AutoFilter
  • Using Data Validation
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Custom Number Formats
  • Multiple Sheets
  • Multiple Windows
  • Adding Cell Comments/Notes
  • Basic Charts

Full Course Outline

1 day of training at your office, reference manuals and 30 days of technical support

Multiply your knowledge of formulas. By the end of the day, you will have the skill set to leverage Excel’s hundreds of built-in formulas/functions (such as IF and VLOOKUP) and handle almost any situation, simple or complex.

What you will learn:

  • Absolute Formulas
  • Range Names in Formulas
  • The IF Function
  • Conditional Functions (SumIf, CountIf, etc.)
  • The VLOOKUP Function
  • Multiple Sheet/File Formulas
  • Concatenating
  • Protecting Formulas
  • Mapping Formulas with Auditing
  • Trouble Shooting Errors

Full Course Outline

1 day of training at your office, reference manuals and 30 days of technical support

Ever wonder “what the heck is a pivot table, and why do I always hear so much about them?” By the end of the day you will learn how to use one of Excel’s most powerful – and intimidating – features to make sense of large sets of data. You will also learn other techniques for building/managing an Excel database.

What you will learn:

  • Create and Format a Table
  • Group, Outline & Subtotals
  • Database Duplicates
  • Basic to Advanced Pivot Tables
  • Setting New Workbook and New Sheet Defaults
  • Customize the Ribbon
  • Introduction to Macros

Full Course Outline

2 days of training at your office, reference manuals and 30 days of technical support

Understand how to fully automate your Excel files.  We’ll show you how to record, edit and write VBA code.   In 2 days you’ll learn the very basics of the Visual Basic for Applications language – enough that you will be able to ‘google’ the code you want, understand it, and apply it to your situation.

What you will learn:

  • What is a Macro/VBA?
  • Recording and Writing Macros
  • The Visual Basic Editor
  • Saving Macros
  • The Object Model
  • Referencing Ranges, Sheets & Workbooks
  • Variables & Constants
  • Looping Collections & Making Decisions
  • Built-in Functions / Custom Functions
  • Debugging & Error Handling
  • Increase Macro Speed

Full Course Outline

1 day of training at your office, reference manuals and 30 days of technical support

Our build‑your‑own‑course program provides the ultimate level of flexibility to ensure your team gets the most out of their training. Simply mix‑and‑match any of the topics from our Master Topic List. Each section shows the approximate time required in minutes or hours. A full day course is 6 hours (360 minutes).

Build-your-own courses include a customized reference manual for each person featuring your selected topics, and the same 30 days of technical support as our standard offerings.

Master Topic List (PDF)

Does Your Team Need Excel Training In Toronto?

Understanding Excel is essential for nearly everyone in the workplace today.  But did you know that most people are ‘self-taught’ and that means they likely have gaps in their knowledge that are causing them to spend much more time than necessary to accomplish tasks – sometimes spending hours every single day to do what should take minutes!  With professional Microsoft Excel training from GUMP your team will learn the fastest, most efficient way to get the job done so they can free up their valuable time for more important tasks.

Most Excel users spend up to 10X longer than necessary to complete tasks

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Choose The Company With 30 Years Of Experience & Top Industry Instructors

At Gump Training, our instructors are all career professionals with extensive corporate training experience. We pride ourselves on having the best instructors in the industry and our loyal clients are proof that our training solutions work. That's why we’re still here after 30 years.

Our Professional Instructors Are
Dedicated To Helping Your Team Succeed With
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Get Started With Our Training Assessment

Ensure you choose the right course for your team by using our free Excel training assessment. This fillable form will show you what each person already knows in Excel and the features they would like to learn more about. We can evaluate the results and work with you to select the right standard course level, or build the right custom course for your team. You can get an assessment for our Microsoft Access Excel Training in Toronto at no charge. at no charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A private meeting room with enough space for each person attending and a TV or Projector for the Instructor to use. Some classes also require connection to the internet.
The ideal class size is up to 10 people. We can teach as many as 15, but more than that is simply too many people to provide enough personal attention. Also, as the class size increases, the amount of material that can be covered decreases. We cover topics at the pace of the group – we never leave anyone behind.
Yes! This is essential. To be successful, the training session must be hands-on, with no computer sharing. If you do not have enough (or any) computers available for training, we can bring in laptops for a fee of $ 50 /ea.
Yes. Our “build your own” course program is an entirely new approach to customized training. Simply send us your list of topics or choose from our ‘Master List’ and we will work with you to create a full‑day course that matches your team’s exact needs. Each “build your own” course also includes custom reference manuals tailored to your specific curriculum.
Yes. We offer discounts for groups of 6 or more and for multiple training days. Please contact us for details.
No, we do not have training facilities. Training takes place at your office, in your company meeting room.
We do not have a training center location. Our Instructors travel to you to teach your team at your office – anywhere in the GTA and most places in Southern Ontario.
Yes. We are a corporate training company. We provide training to both private and public sector organizations.
Since we bring the training to you, we do not have pre-set dates. The dates are completely up to you.
Most standard courses are a full day in length, from 9am to 4pm (6 hours of training). For custom training, the course length is up to you; however, our minimum rate is a full day. If you are looking for courses that are less than a full day, we can run multiple classes in a single day – e.g. two half-day classes, or three two-hour classes, etc.

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