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Take your document management system to the next level with instructor-led SharePoint courses.  Choose from three standard courses, or build your own course to meet your specific needs.

Training takes place at your office – in your meeting room, on the dates that work best for your team. We can also bring in laptops for the course (for SharePoint Online training).

1 day of training at your office and 30 days of technical support

In this course, you will learn about and use a SharePoint Team Site to access, store, and share information and documents.

SharePoint is a complex platform with many features and capabilities. A strong understanding of those features and capabilities will allow you to work more efficiently and effectively with SharePoint, and with the documents and data stored in SharePoint.

Topics Include:

  • Overview of SharePoint 
  • SharePoint Online vs On-Premises
  • Navigating SharePoint Team Sites
  • Using Team Site Components (News, Conversations, Notebook, Pages, Site Contents, Recycle Bin and Subsites)
  • Working in Libraries (upload, edit, new, versioning, alerts and more)
  • Working with Lists (tasks, contacts, announcement, calendar)
  • Integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Office

Full Course Outline

1 day of training at your office and 30 days of technical support

Once you have learned how to navigate and use a SharePoint Team Site, you may want to know how to setup a site and  configure it for use by your team.  In this course we look at what you can do as an Owner of a SharePoint Team Site.

Topics Include:

  • Creating New Sites
  • Customizing a Site / Site Collection
  • Adding and configuring Libraries (document, picture, wiki page and form)
  • Adding and configuring Lists
  • Assigning permissions and access rights

Full Course Outline

1 day of training at your office and 30 days of technical support

SharePoint features are robust and complex. Site owners can determine what features and options to make available in SharePoint, and how to configure those features to meet organizational and user needs. By properly implementing these features, users will be able to collaborate effectively, and organizations will save time and money through automation of business processes, fast and efficient retrieval of information, and effective records management. Course prerequisites: knowledge of SharePoint Level 1 and Level 2 course topics.

Upon successful completion of this course, existing SharePoint site owners will be able to take on administrative responsibility for implementing and managing advanced features based on business requirements.

You will:

  • Configure site settings
  • Integrate external applications and data
  • Configure site metadata
  • Manage archiving and compliance
  • Implement workflows

Full Course Outline

1 day of training at your office and 30 days of technical support

Have specific needs, or just want a more personalized experience? Simply send us your list of topics or we can work with you to create a full-day course. Mix‑and‑match beginner, intermediate and advanced topics to ensure every person gains valuable knowledge.

Does Your Team Need SharePoint Training?

Learn from the professionals in instructor‑led training

Your team might be using SharePoint now, but may have no idea how to use most of the tools available in the program.

By building or using team sites to collaborate, inform, share knowledge, create workflows and more, you will empower your team to work better and smarter.

Over 200,000 organizations use this product today. With professional training from our SharePoint experts, we can help you harness of the power of this essential business tool.

Most SharePoint users lack sufficient knowledge to fully utilize what this product can do to for your team

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At Gump Training, our instructors are all career professionals with extensive corporate training experience. We pride ourselves on having the best instructors in the industry and our loyal clients are proof that our training solutions work. That's why we’re still here after 30 years.

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Ensure you choose the right course for your team by using our free SharePoint training assessment. This fillable form will show you what each person already knows in SharePoint and the features they would like to learn more about. We can evaluate the results and work with you to select the right standard course level, or build the right custom course for your team. All at no charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A private meeting room with enough space for each person attending and a TV or Projector for the Instructor to use. Some classes also require connection to the internet.

The ideal class size is up to 10 people. We can teach as many as 15, but more than that is simply too many people to provide enough personal attention. Also, as the class size increases, the amount of material that can be covered decreases. We cover topics at the pace of the group – we never leave anyone behind.

Yes! This is essential. To be successful, the training session must be hands-on, with no computer sharing. If you do not have enough (or any) computers available for training, we can bring in laptops for a fee of $ 50 /ea.

Yes. Our “build your own” course program is an entirely new approach to customized training. Simply send us your list of topics or choose from our ‘Master List’ and we will work with you to create a full‑day course that matches your team’s exact needs. 

Yes. We offer discounts for groups of 6 or more and for multiple training days. Please contact us for details.

No, we do not have training facilities. Training takes place at your office, in your company meeting room.
We do not have a training center location. Our Instructors travel to you to teach your team at your office – anywhere in the GTA and most places in Southern Ontario.
Yes. We are a corporate training company. We provide training to both private and public sector organizations.
Since we bring the training to you, we do not have pre-set dates. The dates are completely up to you.
Most standard courses are a full day in length, from 9am to 4pm (6 hours of training). For custom training, the course length is up to you; however, our minimum rate is a full day. If you are looking for courses that are less than a full day, we can run multiple classes in a single day – e.g. two half-day classes, or three two-hour classes, etc.

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