Microsoft Access Courses

Our live Access courses provide in-depth knowledge for all skill levels. Pick the one that's right for you, or contact us to design your own!

Live Online or In‑Person Private Training

All courses are live and instructor‑led, online or in‑person at your office.  Online classes are usually split into segments of 3 hours on different days.   Each 3-hour online session is $ 795 flat rate for up to 15 people.  For in‑person pricing, please contact us.  Course reference manuals and 30 days of technical support are included. 

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Level 1: Getting Started (2 days)

Whether you want to create you own simple database, or learn how to use one created by someone else, this is the course for you.   We cover all the basics from entering data, to extracting information, creating basic forms and basic reports.

Course Topics
-Creating / Opening Databases
-Creating Tables  & Queries
-The Forms Wizard / The Report Wizard
-Working in the Navigation Pane

Course Duration
2 Days (12 hours)


Level 2: Complete Database Design (3 Days)

This course builds upon your basic Access knowledge by giving you the skills to properly create a powerful, flexible database.  The topics covered in this course is essential if you plan to build a database from scratch.

Course Topics
-Creating a Relational Database
-Creating Forms from Scratch
-Creating Reports from Scratch
-Multiple Table Queries, Forms and Reports

Course Duration
3 Days (18 hours)


Level 3: Adding Automation (3 Days)

Dip your toes into the powerful VBA Language (Visual Basic for Applications) that makes it all possible by letting you automate almost any task with a single click.   We also look other essential settings and features.

Course Topics
-Built-In Functions
-Compact & Repair  / Setting Defaults
-Importing & Exporting Data
-Writing VBA to Automate Tasks

Course Duration
3 Days (18 hours)


Build Your Own

Use our Master Topic List to select the topics you would like included in your course. $895 flat rate for up to 15 people for a 3-hour online session (volume discounts available).  Contact us for in-person pricing (min. of 1 day). 

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Let Us Improve Your Existing Database

If your old database is too limited for your needs, or just too confusing to get a grasp on, don’t waste all your time learning Access from scratch. Gump Training is happy to provide all the database improvements you need including bug fixes, adding new reports, additional features and more. All with a quick turnaround time while making sure your database is easy to use for those without Access knowledge.

Need a New Access Database Created?

Want to make your company’s record-keeping more efficient? Perhaps that old Excel spreadsheet just isn’t cutting it anymore? We will create a powerful, flexible database that suits all your needs. Every custom application we create in Access is unique and includes every feature you want. Our databases are extremely easy to use so they do not require any prior Access knowledge.

Our Clients Love Us

I'm so glad we hired the Gump team for our training needs... they've saved us from countless hours of tedious and unnecessary work by optimizing our efficiency in every aspect of Excel. We have taken 7 private in-person Excel courses with Gump, and our team is now far more confident using Excel ... thank you so much.
Jill Spriet
Fernlea Flowers
All our employees were always very happy with the training we received from Gump. Excel can be a dry topic, but they made it fun and easy to follow and were very accommodating in allowing us to choose topics for many custom courses this past year. They also provide very professional textbooks for all of their courses.
Lena Sun
Lafarge Canada Inc.
Gump provided excellent training for a variety of skill levels. Michele was willing to travel to our Mississauga and Sudbury facilities and everyone enjoyed her thoroughness and flexibility with learning styles. I'm often asked when the next session will be and I was quickly able to see people apply their knowledge.
Eamonn Doorly
Michele is an excellent instructor and pleasant to deal with. She's very well spoken and explained the steps in a way we were all able to understand and took the extra time if someone needed more help. She also kept it light, entertaining and funny. I highly recommend GUMP for any Microsoft Office training!
Ian Stewart
Detour Gold